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BoyCrush Signs New Exclusive James Stirling January 16, 2018
Montreal, January 16th, 2018 – BoyCrush has found its face for 2018 in the form of high school senior, James Stirling. The Nevada-bred 18-year-old has signed a year-long exclusive contract and the studio has big plans for the tiny twink.

The 5’3”, 100lbs James Stirling is self-described as shy and quiet and never imagined he’d be embarking on an adventure in porn. “I’m still in high school and planning to go to college to study 3D Modelling and Animation, “ said Stirling. “I didn’t ever think I would get into doing porn, but when I was offered a contract with BoyCrush, I thought, why not?”

James knew of Boycrush thanks to a previous boyfriend but serendipitously came into contact with studio owner, Bryan Kenny, via a hookup app. “I was attracted to James right away,” said Kenny, “when we met in person, I knew he had star potential, and I offered him an exclusive contract as soon as we finished his video interview.”

BoyCrush has broken in many a twink to the industry and is already putting James through his paces ahead of a starring role in a DVD planned for this spring. The newcomer considers himself a super submissive bottom and said satisfying his partner’s desires is his biggest turn on.

James was nervous about his first scene but described the experience as surprisingly authentic to real life. “I expected it to be a lot more scripted, but besides the cameras being there, it felt just like a real like hookup, the same excitement of meeting up with a cute guy for the first time,” he explained.

Now with a few scenes under his belt, the little twink shared the biggest fantasy he’d like to bring to life on camera. “My dream shoot would be a gangbang. It’d be so hot to be at the center of a group of dominant tops, all pounding me.” Fans will have to wait to see if James’ gangbang dream comes true, but they can trust BoyCrush will turn fantasy into reality soon enough. In the meantime, James’ debut scene with Bryce Christianson will be available this week to members of

Here are some sample photos of James Stirling:

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