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Stunner Media & BoyCrush Give Models Control in New Site August 3, 2016

Montreal, August 3rd, 2016– Stunner Media has worked with longtime partner, BoyCrush, to launch the studio’s latest site, “BoyCrush has been working on content for HomemadeTwinks for months, so we’re thrilled to launch the site officially,” said the Stunner team.

The new site will feature the same cute, popular twinks that BoyCrush is known for, but this time, the boys are taking control. “We wanted to take POV one step further,” said BoyCrush owner, Bryan Kenny. “In HomemadeTwinks videos, we’ve basically handed the cameras over to the boys, and given them go-pros, to shoot the scene how they want it.” Not surprisingly, the young models were keen to experiment with the cameras and shoot the raunchy, bareback sex from their perspective.

POV-lovers who join HomemadeTwinks will get the added bonus of access to both BoyCrush and BareTwinks. The two sites offer over 1,100 twink videos to members and HomemadeTwinks has already built a library of more than twenty scenes. “There isn’t a set schedule for HomemadeTwinks, but we’ll be adding updates to the site several times a month,” said Kenny.

Affiliates are encouraged to promote HomemadeTwinks since it is fresh, converting very well, and presenting a type of content that’s as popular as ever.

For more information, please visit

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