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Stunner Media Acquire Prowler Distribution with Long Time Partner, Jean Bourne Group April 13, 2016
Montreal, April 12, 2016 – Stunner Media has joined forces with long time partner, Jean Bourne Group, to purchase one of Europe's largest DVD distribution companies, Prowler Distribution. The DVD business, founded in 1993 in the VHS days, is a well known carrier of major gay brands like Bel Ami, UK Naked Men, BlakeMason, BoyNapped and Butch Dixon and has licensing deals with the likes of Falcon and Raging Stallion amongst others. Prowler Distribution will continue under its current name and is working closely with former owner, Millivres Prowler Group ("MPG"), to guarantee a smooth transition.

Stunner first became familiar with MGP when looking for distributors for BlakeMason DVDs, as they were the only R18 DVD distributor in the UK. The two companies continued to work closely together and, when MGP decided to sell the distribution side of the business, Stunner was a natural fit. The Prowler Distribution sale was prompted by MGP's decision to focus its efforts on Gay Times, DIVA, Expectations, and the retail side of Prowler. Stunner and MGP will continue to collaborate, especially on the Prowler retail stores, which are the leading stores for gay DVDs in the UK.

"Benjamin Willis, CEO of JBG said, "it is our strong long running relationship with Simon Topham CEO at MPG and Jay Michaud President at Stunner Media that made this deal possible. We are already in a very successful partnership with Stunner as co-owners of the brand and with MPG as cosponsors of the annual Prowler Porn Awards, this year to be in London, May 11th. I am delighted with the purchase and look forward to working closely with all our customers, suppliers and partners".

"Prowler Distribution has long been the best European distributor of gay porn's top brands and it'll be business as usual after the ownership change," promised majority owner, Stunner. "We want customers and studios to be confident knowing that Prowler' Distribution's great service won't change."

MPG's Prowler Products Wholesale (which deals in herbal viagras, poppers, calendars, and more) was not part of the deal and will continue to function as a separate business.

All Prowler Distribution inquiries can be directed to, Telephone: +44 (0) 16 1850 2503

All Prowler Products Wholesale orders will be handled by Antony Van Garrett. Email:, Telephone: +44 (0) 20 7424 7487

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